Atlungstad received a silver medal at the IWSC competition

Silver medal for Atlungstad aquavit

Our Norwegian aquavit Atlungstad Mandelpotet won silver at the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) in London. This is one of the world's premier competitions for wine and spirits, and the result has high prestige in the industry.

Atlungstad Mandelpotet received 91 out of 100 points. The same score was received by well-known aquavits such as Gammel Opland and Lysholm Linie. This aquavit is made with almond potato spirit (Mandelpotet in Norwegian). The mandel potato is small and with oval shape, which somewhat resembles an almond, hence the name. It is considered a delicacy in Norway.

Atlungstad Mandelpotet  Norwegian Aquavit
Atlungstad Mandelpotet Aquavit

"I am proud that little Atlungstad is reaching such a high level in the first international competition that we have participated in," says Romain Jourdan, general manager of Atlungstad Craft Distillery.

"Atlungstad is Norway's oldest distillery but was closed a few years before the production of potato spirits and aquavit started again in 2014. We are still only just three employees, and this is a fantastic recognition of the work we do to preserve Atlungstad's history and craft good products. Next time we're going for gold! " says Jourdan.

Nordic Trend

Nordic products and small-scale producers are now benefiting from international popularity and demand. After a long period of time where internationally trend-setting bars and micro distilleries have focused on other types of spirits such as bourbon, gin, and mezcal, we are now seeing more people discovering and praising Norwegian aquavit outside of Norway.


The jury at IWSC writes the following about Atlungstad Mandelpotet: "Delicate, floral nose opens to off-dry mouth characterised by vanilla with subtly integrated herbs and spices for clean, balanced, classic style". (See the jury's statement on Atlungstad here)

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Atlungstad distillery in Norway
Atlungstad distillery

More about IWSC:

The International Wine & Spirit Competition is an annual wine and spirits competition founded in 1969 by the German British publicist Anton Massel. Each year, the jury reviews contributions from over 90 countries and awards points from 0-100. The gold medal is given to those who achieve more than 95 points, and the silver for those achieving at least 90 points. The awards being awarded have high status in the food and beverage industry.

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