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our spirits


Handcraftet with Passion


Under the experienced eye and nose of our Master Blender Halvor Heuch, we select the very best botanicals in the making of our aquavits.

Atlungstad Craft Distillery


By law, the base of a Norwegian aquavit is a rectified (i.e. pure) potato spirit made of Norwegian potatoes. Most Norwegian aquavit producers purchase the rectified potato spirit from the same supplier (Hoff in Gjøvik) without knowing the region of origin of the potatoes. On our side, we use our own rectified potato spirit, distilled from of local-grown potatoes in Stange region.

This is a unique process which we are proud of, as it supports the local farming industry in the region, but also keeps Norway’s oldest potato distillery still in activity, making potato spirit as it used to be 150 years ago.  

Most of the ingredients we use are locally produced or selected from other Norwegian producers.

The caraway seeds, aquavit’s main spice, is for example coming from Inderøy, a small island in the middle of Norway, where the bright summer nights and the tempered climate make it the perfect place to grow. The caraway seeds are quite small, but full of flavours and essential oils, perfect to use in our aquavits.


Atlungstad has been a renowned spirit producer since the 1880s and this product is the relaunch of a historical bestseller from this time. Aquavit No1 was premiered early in international competitions, and we can read in the distillery archives that 106,000 liters of Atlungstad No1 were sold in 1915.

Spirit production was banned during World War I, and Atlungstad No1 disappeared when Atlungstad Distillery ceased.

The recipe is based on the traditional spice mixtures that were in use early 20th century. A share has been on barrels for more than 5 years.


Tasting Notes:

Golden color.

All-round aquavit with caraway and fennel as main spices.

Complex taste of spices and casks with a long and pleasant finish.

Alcohol: 40% vol

Excessive alcohol use can lead to increased risk of health problems  More information here.

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Aquavit isn't only a Christmas drink anymore. White wine is often served together with summer meals, but a light aquavit is also a good match with fresh prawns, cured meats or juicy grilled pork chops.

In general, the lighter the food, the lighter the aquavit should be. Our new summer aquavit is made of Norwegian potatoes, and is flavoured with dill and crown dill from Skjæregården gartneri in Vestfold and organic lemon peels.

This mild and tasty aquavit will be the perfect match with shellfish, fish and grilled pork or chicken. Or try it in a refreshing summer drink, such as an AT – Aquavit Tonic.


Alcohol: 40% vol

Excessive alcohol use can lead to increased risk of health problems  More information here.



Atlungstad Mandelpotet Aquavit is a unique aquavit made from almond potato spirit and barrel matured for five years.


The almond potato (in Norwegian: Mandelpotet) has an oval shape and somewhat resembles an almond, hence the name.  It is considered a delicacy in Norway. Some of the almond potato spirit is not rectified before cask maturation, which is usually done for the potato spirit used for aquavit. This gives the aquavit a distinct taste and character which we believe was close to what aquavit tasted like hundred years ago.


Tasting Notes:

Dark golden color.

Well-made aquavit with a spicy taste of caraway, anise,  and fennel.

The long cask maturation gives the aquavit a long-lasting finish, with vanilla, spices, and wooden notes.

Alcohol: 41,5% vol

Excessive alcohol use can lead to increased risk of health problems  More information here.



Gold medal at the International Spirit Competition 2021

The term Taffel comes from old german and means «table». A «taffel» aquavit usually means a simple but tasty product. The equivalent of the what the French would call “vin de table” for a simple “everyday” wine. While Norwegian aquavit is cask matured and gets its golden colour from the sherry casks, a taffel aquavit is usually crystal clear and not cask matured (or matured in only a short time in very old casks).

Atlungstad Taffel Aquavit is no exception to the rule, it’s a classic unaged Taffel Aquavit. The spice recipe is secret, and based on a historical recipe found in the archives of the distillery. We chose a dark green bottle for this product, which is the historical bottle type for Taffel aquavits. This is because it was common to re-use old fortified wine bottles when producing Taffel aquavit.

Tasting Notes:

The aquavit has a fruity and spicy aroma. The taste is mild with crisps notes of caraway, citrus and anis. The finish is dry and warm.

The relatively low alcohol content (38% vol) makes it a perfect match with Nordic seafood. You should serve it at room temperature or slightly chilled but not ice cold.

Excessive alcohol use can lead to increased risk of health problems  More information here.


Innlandet is since 2019 the new name of the region where Atlungstad is located. It means “the inside land”, as it’s indeed the only region in Norway which doesn’t have any seacoast. But Innlandet is also the merging of the 2 largest historical aquavit regions in Norway, Hedmark on the east side of the Mjøsa lake, and Oppland on the west side of the lake.


There has been a rivalry for ages between these 2 regions on which region makes the best aquavit.

With our new Atlungstad Innlandet Aquavit we have made sure to create an aquavit which has a distinct caraway taste (as people from the east coast like), and a mellow rounded sherry cask finish (as the people from the west coast prefer).


This aquavit is a conciliatory solution of a 200 years old dispute!


Tasting Notes:

The aquavit is light golden and has balanced aromas of spices and vanilla.

In the mouth, it has a full-bodied taste of caraway, coriander, citrus and sherry.


Enjoy it at room temperature on its own or paired with traditional Norwegian food.

Alcohol: 40% vol

Excessive alcohol use can lead to increased risk of health problems  More information here.

Crown gin.jpg


Gin should taste gin, with a distinct juniper berry flavour, but hand-picked spruce shoots from the Stange area give the flavour more complexity.


Crown gin is a so-called Old Tom gin, a classic gin type with a little more sweetness. Old Tom was most popular in the 19th century. And now it has had a renaissance in the bartender community that we are happy to contribute to.

Crown Gin will be perfect in cocktails, or in a simple Gin &Tonic. It is also very good to make a Negroni.

Tasting Notes:

Sweet aromas of juniper, coriander, a little anise, and a hint of orange, as well as spices and herbs. The aftertaste is round, sweet and with peppery hints.

Excessive alcohol use can lead to increased risk of health problems  More information here.

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