Are you looking for a memorable, one-of-a-kind gift?


If you have a wedding, birthday, anniversary or even a corporate event coming – take a look what is new and exciting at the Atlungstad Distillery!We have just crafted a series of three aquavit blends. Each have their own unique flavor and aroma profile so you’ll be able to choose the perfect one for you and your celebration. The front label is yours to fully customize, where we already took care of the back label with all the required information.

With this concept, you can now order the aquavit blend of your choice and create your own aquavit label online with our free label maker.

Create your label and submit. We will then print your label and send it by mail as soon as possible (usually within one week).

Then you only need to order your bottle of Atlungstad Aquavit Blend at the Norwegian Wine Monopoly (or via our customer service for export) and apply the bespoke label on your bottle.

This is the perfect gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Christmas present or other celebrations.

Atlungstad own aquavit

Examples of custom made front label

Atlungstad Aquavit Blends

Atlungstad Blend No1:

Clear aquavit without cask maturation.

Taste and aromas: hints of caraway, fennel, and citrus.

A classic "Taffel" aquavit that will go well with shellfish and fish, like for example herring.


38% vol. - 70 cl
Price: NOK 419.90 per bottle
Click here to order at Vinmonopolet or contact us 

Atlungstad Blend No2:

Light golden, sherry cask matured aquavit.

Taste and aromas: Medium-strong taste with mild spicy notes, good balance, floral aromas and vanilla taste from the sherry casks.
A great all-rounder for many occasions.

40% vol. - 70 cl
Price: NOK 449.90 per bottle

Click here to order at Vinmonopolet or contact us 

Atlungstad Blend No3:

Dark golden, complex, cask matured aquavit with subdued spicy notes from caraway and anise. A well-balanced and mild aquavit with hints of ripe fruit and vanilla, oak tones, and a long aftertaste.

A tasty aquavit to enjoy after the meal.

40% vol. - 70 cl
Price: NOK 499.90 per bottle

Click here to order at Vinmonopolet or contact us 

Atlungstad aquavit  blends - back labels


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