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The true spirit of Norway

Atlungstad is Norway’s original craft distillery.  


On the shores of Mjøsa Lake, we have distilled potatoes and crafted our famous Norwegian cask-aged aquavit since 1855.


Since 2013, the distillery is classified as part of Norwegian industrial and cultural heritage.


We are proud to continue the tradition of crafting high-quality spirits and using potatoes, herbs, and spices from local farmers.


Atlungstad 's history 

In 1855, farmers in Stange area joined forces to establish Atlungstad Distillery.


Clean water was important for several of the distillery's processes, and the factory was built at the outlet of the Fjetreåa River on Nedre Atlungstad farm’s ground. The location near Mjøsa Lake, Norway’s largest lake, was also essential for the transportation of goods, which was primarily done by boat due to poor road conditions.

Atlungstad was one of Norway’s leading distilleries in the latter half of the 19th century and up until the end of the industrial spirit production at Atlungstad in 2008.


The distilleries in the region around Mjøsa Lake played a central role in the development of the Norwegian aquavit.

The resurrection

In 2011, Atlungstad Distillery re-started the production of potato spirit and in 2014 came the first batches of our Atlungstad aquavit.


Atlungstad is the only historical distillery in Norway where potatoes are still distilled in the traditional way every year.


By crafting Atlungstad spirits for our consumers, we perpetuate the tradition and expertise in spirit making in what was historically Norway’s most important aquavit region.


Please feel welcome to visit Atlungstad Distillery on the beautiful shores of Mjøsa Lake, situated only 1.5 hour drive from Oslo, Norway. With knowledgeable guides, you will gain insight into the history, production process, people and passion that makes our Atlungstad aquavit so special.



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